From Idea to Matter: Nine Sculptors

From Idea to Matter: Nine Sculptors documents a unique collaboration between Edward Albee and the Anderson Gallery to bring together the work of nine contemporary sculptors – John Beech, John Duff, David Fulton, Barry Goldberg, David McDonald, Richard Nonas, Mia Westerlund Roosen, Jonathan Thomas, and Paul Whiting. Albee has selected the artists, chosen the work, and designed an exhibition installation. From Idea to Matter contains full color images of the artists’ work, an introduction by Albee, an insightful conversation between Albee and Harry Rand, art historian from the Smithsonian Institution, and an in-depth discussion of the artists’ work by Rand. Edward Albee has been visiting museums, art galleries, art studios, and collecting art for decades, developing a strong personal visual opinion and aesthetic. His approach to the curatorial process can be compared to the artists’ dedication to their sculpture, and is equally sure and confident.

Albee, Edward. “From Idea to Matter: Some Thoughts on Sculpture.” Introduction to Albee-curated exhibition catalogue: From Idea to Matter: Nine Sculptors. Seattle: University of Washington P., 2000, 7.

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