Finding the Sun

Four male-female character pairs are having a day at the beach.

Though their beach meeting was not by design, six of the eight characters are connected to one another in some way. There is a married couple, Henden and Gertrude, aged 70 and 60 respectively. Each of them has a child from a previous marriage, and those two make up another couple: Daniel and Cordelia. The third, slightly younger married couple consists of Benjamin and Abigail, who share a connection with Daniel and Cordelia.

The remaining two people on the beach are forty five year old Edmee and her sixteen-year-old son, Fergus.

As the play unfurls, we learn that Daniel and Benjamin had a relationship before marrying their current wives. The history between Daniel and Benjamin creates questions, intrigue, and controversy on what would otherwise be a simple beach outing under the sun.

Type: Short Play

Acts: One

First Performance: 10 May 1983, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado; 4 February 1994, Signature Theatre Company, New York

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