Fam and Yam

Fam and Yam tells the story of an encounter between two unnamed playwrights, a Famous American Man (‘Fam’) and a Young American Man (‘Yam’). Yam goes to Fam’s penthouse apartment to interview him and is impressed by its luxury: it has ‘white walls, a plum-coloured sofa, two Modiglianis, one Braque, a Motherwell and a Klein’. Yam begins by praising Fam, then tells him of an article he wants to write about the venality of theatre producers, the corruption of agents and managers, and the witlessness of audiences.

Type: Short Play

Acts: One

First Performance: 27 August 1960, White Barn Theatre, Westport, CT.; 25 October 1960, Theatre de Lys, New York

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