Visit a local theater to see live productions of one of Albee’s works. Below you will find options to easily research the Albee productions closest to you. If you are on a desktop computer, we have provided a frame of the play-licensing agencies’ website to simplify your search (all content therewith is the property of the respective licensing agency). If you are using a tablet or mobile device, please visit the play-licensing agency directly with one of our links. Enjoy your time at the theater!

Dramatists Play Services, Inc.

DPS offers an overview of currently licensed Albee productions in their Productions area. In the window below, change “View by Title” to “View by Author” in the first drop-down list, then type or select “Edward Albee” in the second drop-down list. Authors are arranged alphabetically by last name.

If you are using a tablet or mobile device, visit the Productions area of the Dramatists Play Services website and use the same instructions.

Samuel French

Samuel French provides their currently licensed Albee productions on their Now Playing page. Below the map, click the “Author” column heading to arrange plays by the author. Use the green, numbered buttons below the plays to move through the list. Authors are arrange alphabetically by first name.

If you are using a mobile or tablet device, visit the Now Playing area on Samuel French’s website and follow the same instructions.